Yuka Stein

Yuka Stein offers piano lessons for children and adults in the Greater Baltimore area. Yuka’s studio is conveniently located between Baltimore and Towson in the Rodgers Forge neighborhood.

Yuka works with students from the age of 5 to adults to met the goal that all students will develop a life-long love of music from their study of piano.

Lessons are structured around three main points:

Playing ability – fingering, rhythm, dynamics, articulation and managing flexible playing skill

Music theory – understanding the structure of music

Musicality – Nurturing an aesthetic sense of music is more than just technique and theory.

Yuka provides students an experience of the balance between the sound of beauty and calmness.

Yuka Stein Piano Studio offers lessons at three levels depending on students' experience, ability and interest. Lessons are 30 minutes. 45 and 60 minute lessons are available for students at the Intermediate and Advanced levels. 


Early to Late Elementary – Students will learn to play simple melody lines with simple accompaniment using both hands. Students will also understand simple rhythms, fingering techniques, dynamics, musical signs and symbols. This stage is important to building a basic musical foundation and skills.

Piano Books & Repertoire: My Favorite Piano Adventure (A, B and C), Piano Adventure Lesson and Theory Books Primer to 3A


Intermediate – Students will learn to play a wider range of styles and understand the essence of each piece they study, whether it is from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th or 21st century repertoire. The goal of this level is for students to become independent musically – students will be able to control and express sounds much more fluently and maturely. By achieving the complete intermediate level, students will be able to play any genre of music independently and receive a sense of fulfilled confidence as a musician.

Piano Books and Repertoire: Piano Adventure Lesson, Theory and Performance Books from Level 3B, Burgmuller, Sonatinas (e.g Clementi, Kuhlau), Mozart, Haydn, Bach Two –Part Invention, Chopin Waltzes.



Advanced--- This level is a considerable accomplishment that brings new musical demands for the hands, ear and mind: thick textures, delicate balances and subtle articulations, as well as complex harmonies and forms. Students will learn masterpieces, thus achieving the absolute arts of music. 

Piano Books & Repertoire: Beethoven Sonatas, Brahms, Bach Three-part Inventions, Chopin Nocturnes, Sonatas and Etudes, Schuman, Shubert, Ravel, Debussy, Bach Preludes and Fugues, Liszt and Rachmaninoff.